Personalized Training for You and Your Dog

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Class Descriptions

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Private lessons in Life Skills, Obedience/Rally, Personalized for you and your dog:
These sessions are tailored to the needs of the owner and his or her dog. If the dog has not completed a basic obedience class, Valeri can help you teach your dog the behaviors he will need before he enters an Agility Class. If your dog just needs to improve their "life skills" so he or she can fit in your household better, Valeri can help you with that, also!

Private Lessons in Agility:
During these sessions, Valeri can work with you and your dog at any level of Agility that you want, whether you are just starting out or competing in advanced classes. Great for those dogs that are not able to take class at the regular times they are offered, and for those needing extra help with something covered in class.

Please Note: Many dogs repeat the following classes several times before their dogs are ready for the next class. Your dog’s progression is dependent on the amount of practice you do during a class session and how much training you have had in the past.

Beginning Agility-Skills Class:
This class is designed for the dog that is new to the sport of Agility or has not done any off-lead Agility work. Basic control of the dog by the owner is required before attending this class. This class is primarily on-lead except when the dog is learning the tunnels and the tire jump. We will cover the work needed to have future off-lead control. Prerequisites: It is strongly suggested that your dog attend a group puppy class and/or a home manners class, or that you have some private lessons with Valeri prior to attending this class. The dog should be able to sit, down and stay on verbal command and/or hand signal, walk on a loose leash and come when called. Dogs need to be at least four to six months old (depending on dog’s size and the owners training background) and should have all adult vaccinations from your veterinarian prior to joining this class.

Intermediate Agility-Obstacles Class:
The focus of this class to teach the individual obstacles, to perfect appropriate contact behaviors, learn weave poles and begin to get off-leash control in a class situation. Prerequisite: It is strongly suggested that your dog attend the Agility Skills class described above. Your dog must have a reliable recall and must have done basic work on off lead handling. It is strongly suggested that the dog has taken the Beginning Agility-Skills Class. The dog is eligible to move to the Handling Class when it can properly negotiate the contact obstacles correctly at least 80% of the time, can do the teeter without assistance, can do straight weave poles without guides, and the instructor feels the handler has reliable off-leash control of the dog.

Advanced Agility-Handling Class:
This class prepares the dog and handler for the Novice levels of competition. Here is where we focus on building teamwork between the dog and handler, work on smooth negotiation of sequences and work on distance handling. Prerequisite: The dog must be able to correctly and safely negotiate all of the obstacles, must be able to hit the contact zones correctly at least 80% of the time, do the teeter without assistance, do straight weave poles without guides, and the instructor feels the handler has reliable off-leash control of the dog.

Competition Agility Class
Once the dog and handler have earned a Novice level title or the instructor feels they could, they are ready to go into the Competition class that prepares them for competition at the Open and Excellent levels. Here is where we focus on course strategy and analysis, using sequences and courses from trials. Prerequisite: The instructor feels the dog is capable of earning Novice level titles and has the ability to do all the obstacles without assistance of any kind.

Home Manners/Basic Life Skills Class:
Explanation will follow

Rally Skills Class:
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Rally Competition Class:
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Please Note: Any dog enrolled in a group class that is not under adequate control or that is showing what the instructor feels are signs of aggression or threatening behavior may be transferred to private lessons or dismissed from class at the discretion of the instructor. No refunds will be given.